Gregor Jamroski

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Hello! Originally from Seattle, WA I am currently based in Nagasaki Japan. I work with brands, agencies and small & medium sized business - internationally. With 20+ years experience I craft products, retail and online experiences based on a deep understanding of the intersection of client & customer needs.

I have held Art Director, Creative Director, Principal UX Designer and Senior UX/Product Designer titles for both digital and print: Fortune 100 companies, Design/Ad Agencies as well as medium sized start-ups are among my clients. This strong combination of Art Direction and UX Design, backed by early training in the fine and applied arts benefits my clients and also serve as a base to mentor young designers. While UX design is generally relegated to the digital space, it is a complex practice applied across all brand touchpoints. Ask me why.


Packaging Design / UX / Print / Web

Hello! I am a Product Designer from Seattle, WA currently based in Nagasaki Japan. I work with brands, agencies, small & medium sized business - internationally.

With 20+ years experience I have designed for every media type. I craft and design products, retail and online experiences and print materials based on a deep understanding of the intersection of client & customer needs.



Over the course of my 20+ year career I have honed in on three areas: Structural Engineering/Design for retail packaging, Conceptual & Visual User Experience Design for web & desktop applications, and Marketing Design (web & print).

Please note: a great deal of UX work I have done has been for internal projects including desktop applications, browser-based applications, work assistants (Amazon & Starbucks specifically), corporate HIGs (Human Interface Guidelines), etc. I am only able to show these to you in consideration for a project you may have and with a strict NDA in place. Just ask me @ Hello Gregor.

Matcha Tea Packaging. Private Label for Kodengaeshi (gift given at a funeral wake)
Matcha Tea Packaging Dieline
3-Ply Face Mask Packaging
N95 Facemask Packaging
KN95 Facemask Packaging
16.9 oz Hand Sanitizer Label
Ark Hand Sanitizer
Oorja Protein Bar
Oorja Keto Bar
Oorja Keto Bar Dielline
Oorja Keto Bar POP Display Dieline
Sakura Therapy Body Wash
VWineaire Perfect Wine Opener Packaging
Hygiene Hub & Grab of Singapore
Client Pitch: Organic Soy Milk for the US Market
Sustainable Japanese Meat Packaging
Pitch Concept. Natto Packaging for US Market
Pitch Concept. Natto Packaging for US Market
Micro-Brew Beer Label. Role: Packaging Designer
Tovolo Ice Cream Molds Packaging
Tovolo Ice Cream Molds Packaging
bamix of Switzerland Clean Eating Machine Packaging
Tovolo Groovy Pop Molds Packaging
Retail Packaging. Role: Art Director, Packaging Designer
Soba Boodle Packaging
Perfect Pulse. Role: Art Director
Visual Studio 2010. Role: Product Designer 3
Kiosk - Microsoft. Role: Art Director
Kiosk - Microsoft. Role: Art Director
Kiosk - Microsoft. Role: Art Director
Kiosk - Microsoft. Role: Art Director
Concert Poster. Role: Art Director
Brochure Design. Role: Art Director
bamix of Switzerland Sellsheet. Role: Senior Designer
Microsoft/ISDA Next Generation Design Poster. Role: Art Director


Gregor is singular in his passion for the best possible UX in terms of functional effectiveness and pleasure of the experience, while honoring the constraints of the project at hand. He works well with diverse teams and stakeholders, but will also warn you with candor when you're heading down a design road that will end in tears.
In practical terms, he's a master of many techniques and tools, and unlike some UX experts, he can deliver the design in formats that application developers can consume directly, thereby eliminating that awkward gap that can otherwise lead to unplanned design compromises and wasted time.
I've worked directly with Gregor at Aere Wellbeing, seen his excellent results with other teams, and have recommended him to colleagues that were relying on me for the right referral. He continues to be my go-to for UX.
-- Trevor Rotzien
General Manager, Traction On Demand

Gregor is true to his craft, will give his best and deliver beyond. A creative thinker combined with an active listener I enjoyed working side by side with him navigating simple and mostly complicated strategic communication challenges. Should I ever need a person with his skill set I am glad to know that I have to look no further.
-- Azur Moulaert
Director of Business Operations and Strategic Partnerships, Earth Economics

I had the opportunity to work with Gregor at Alere Wellbeing on a project to create a new internal coaching application for a client with custom needs. We collaborated together on user research, demographic analysis, and persona development. As a business analyst, he made my job easy - his experience and abilities as interaction designer provided more than just wireframes; he provided a full interaction model which was modularized to anticipate future needs and growth, interaction guidelines, and ux specifications, including accessibility considerations. Further, we had tight timelines and delivered a simple, rational, and elegant application in record time. I look forward to the next time I get an opportunity to work with him!
-- Monica McCool
Project Manager - Big Data, TWM Systems

I had the opportunity to work with Gregor when he was a designer at Eddie Bauer. He is talented, creative and able to both think outside the box and implement usable solutions. While Gregor is passionate about innovation, he never loses sight of the business goals at hand. He has a great personality and always works hard to find the best solution to any problem.
-- John Palacios
Senior UX Designer,

Gregor was one of my go-to designers at Big Fish (creative staffing.)
Our clients liked him and requested his services again and again. Gregor works well on a team and is also an effective communicator. His combination of print and web skills gives him a solid foundation as a designer. Book him now before your competition does :).
-- Jamie Gutierrez
Director of Talent Acquisition, Adidas Latin America


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